New Tekken 6 Box Art

EDIT: Well, SD Tekken just posted the tech info on the upcoming console versions of Tekken 6, and it’s got clearer versions of this new box layout. According to Markman, the new art comes right from Namco Bandai. So, it looks like this may be it, at least for the US games.
Take a gander at this new packaging art for Tekken 6 on consoles, first seen on Gamestop. The Mishimas are still there, but now King and Nina have been added to the background. I don’t know if this is legit or just a placeholder- it made a lot more sense before with just Kazuya, Jin and Heihachi… King and Nina are kinda random. It would be much more logical to have the new fighters, or just go all the way and throw in EVERYONE you can fit onto the cover. Anyway, E3 is over and I’m just picking up whatever I can find. More as we get it, of course.


5 Responses to “New Tekken 6 Box Art”

  1. I doubt this is the real deal…

  2. tenzing Says:

    as a King-fan I do like the possibility of King appearing on the cover, but for me, the best box art would include Kaz, Jin and Heihachi and the new characters, Lars and Alisa in the background 🙂

    but anyway, Tekken is popular enough that it would sell with any cover, as long as the Tekken logo is clear

  3. Well, Nina makes sense because she’s Jin’s bodyguard but I don’t get what King is doing there.

  4. I think that the new cover should feature everyone… carrying Yoshimitsu on a throne.

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