E3 2009: IGN Demos Tekken 6 Force Mode

Over at IGN in their streaming video gallery, there’s an 8-minute or so segment dedicated to Tekken 6. The segment has Katsuhiro Harada showing off the game for a bit, though for the most part he demos the new Tekken Force mode, or Campaign Mode as it is now called. As we’ve more or less surmised, Campaign Mode lets you pick from the roster of characters (though the E3 version only has a few selectable) and basically throws you into the thick of the action, using a large-scale world map to navigate around and find hotspots brimming with enemies to beat up, crates to break open, weapons and items to use and so forth. As we thought, you fight with a companion (co-op) that is controlled by either the A.I. or a second player and make your way to a stage boss (one of the roster characters).

The Campaign Mode will have cutscenes to give more background on the ongoing Tekken storyline. It’s been commented by some that the absence of a Story Mode option in the main menu may signify that Scenario Campaign will replace the usual Story Mode. This is not confirmed yet though (so don’t go ape-shit if this bothers you), and it may just be a matter of this being a specially-prepared and incomplete E3 demo.

My thoughts? Well, I think that a proper Story Mode will eventually be included in the final game. Campaign’s play style (the 2-character team up, the non-linear way you go through stages) isn’t really set for telling the individual stories of the fighters, so I’m almost certain that Story Mode will continue to be the main mode in the final version of the console games.

I’m kinda disappointed that the segment was a bit short and had just a few minutes of the new mode (wanted to see more options, the customization features and more).

Check out the IGN video here. Click the Game Demo tab to find the Tekken 6 vid. You can also check out new Tekken 6 screens here.


6 Responses to “E3 2009: IGN Demos Tekken 6 Force Mode”

  1. I wish they showed more…

  2. SolRahlX Says:

    I personally don’t think it will take the spot of Story Mode. Plus Hirada Said a few weeks ago that this would tell the story of Lars. On top of that In the E3 trailer you see cut scenes of Lars and Alisa for this mode. In the interview you only see Harada playing as Paul Phoenix with Alisa being CPU controlled since his translator is doing absolutely nothing. So I’m guessing you’re leading Alisa out of a facility or something since Harada was playing the single player campaign.

    The custscenes revealed will probably have more to do with the back story on Alisa and Lars.

    • The Scenario Campaign mode is always with two characters on play, whether the second fighter is controlled by a human player (whether online or offline) or by the CPU A.I. I really do think that Story Mode will return in the final game, but we’ll have to wait till a more complete version to make sure and banish any doubt. Personally, I prefer to have the regular Story Mode. If Scenario replaces it, then the devs should have very good reason for doing so.

  3. New interview on Gamespot, more or less the same thing…

    • Yep. But it actually has much better and longer footage of the Scenario mode, so it’s worth checking out.

      Also, I really don’t think that the Scenario Mode will replace the regular Story Mode. Either Arcade Mode has the usual cutscene and ending, or it will appear in the final version of the console games. Scenario just doesn’t have the gameplay style to tell the story of the individual characters- it’s more like Devil Within, which gives more of additional story or background to the plot, and not the actual individual stories of the characters.

  4. I think ive got it, the campaign mode is basically a prologue

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