E32009: New MGS Games for Xbox360, PSP

It’s barely the first day of E3 and some bombs have already been dropped. Namely stealth bombs, from the Metal Gear Solid franchise. For starters, the Xbox360 will finally be getting some MGS love, with Metal Gear Solid Rising. This new title will apparently star Raiden, the somewhat controversial Snake Alternate-turned-Cyborg Ninja. Whether it’s a prequel set before MGS4 revealing the circumstances behind Jack’s transformation into a white-blooded half-machine sword-slasher or a new mission set after Guns of the Patriots remains to be seen.

The other title revealed is Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, which apparently will be released on PSP. This may be another adventure starring the ubiquitous Big Boss.

Both titles are still shrouded in mystery, so we’ll just have to keep watching and waiting for anything else to be revealed in E3. Metal Gear, Metal Gear everywhere. Awesome!


10 Responses to “E32009: New MGS Games for Xbox360, PSP”

  1. Guess I was right with it being about Raiden all along…I hope this makes way to the PS3 as well.

  2. The teaser trailer’s pretty crappy though- just flashes of the Raiden artwork from the countdown site, and a “Raiden’s back’ message. Meh.

  3. Just confirmed. It’s coming to PS3/360/PC. Excellent…

  4. Oh one more thing, if you want to watch Tekken 6 footage at E3, head to this link. It’ll be on at 4:30pm Pacific Time, and you can watch previous footage so if you miss out on it you can always view it later.


  5. I initially thought the new Tekken Force Mode was the big surprise. Wonder what it’ll be!

  6. I remember reading on the Tekken blog, that 3 of the people working on the game created a Tekken Ball mode as a bonus for Tekken 6 😀

  7. MGS must be only on PS!!!

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