Katsuhiro Harada’s Tekken 6 IGN Blog: Answers to Questions

Tekken team director Katsuhiro Harada has posted a second entry in his Tekken 6 blog over at IGN.
Though it’s entitled E3 Plans, the post is mainly composed of Harada’s responses to the comments posted by readers in his first post. I have to say, the man takes the time to respond to the comments and that’s pretty awesome. It’s rare for a developer to be this frank and accessible, so that’s mad props to him. That said, of course he can’t really answer every question and issue without some degree of restraint and discretion, so take what you can from the post, as well as check out a couple of new screenshots.

UPDATE: Little by little I find myself thinking that this ‘Huge Surprise’ being teased by SD-Tekken is none other than a Playable Demo for Tekken 6. Harada-san mentions that one will be ready for E3, and well, if they wanted to, it can be available for us on PSN and Xboxlive. Well, this is just a speculation though… for all we know the surprise could be about Online, or something else. We’ll just have to wait. A couple more days…

Check out Harada-san’s blog here.


2 Responses to “Katsuhiro Harada’s Tekken 6 IGN Blog: Answers to Questions”

  1. Maybe you should make a comment on the desire for bikini’s and panties for customisations for the girls? Think Hadara-san will respond? Haha

  2. Hahaha! Unfortunately I’m not registered on IGN as a member so I can’t comment. I think Harada-san gets tons of that kind of request, and he probably can’t promise anything particular like that anyway or just give a safe answer. ^_^

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