Musing About Tekken 6 Console: Achievements and Trophies

Okay, this was an interesting topic suggested by Bob (one of our readers, not the Tekken fighter), so I got to thinking what Achievements or Trophies may be available in the console versions of Tekken 6. Well, here’s a list of what may be possible- these are just speculations, okay? No one go off putting this as fact elsewhere. Anyway, some may be obvious, some maybe iffy and some just thrown in because I want to. Okay? Let’s go…

Zaibatsu CEO. Beat Story Mode with Jin Kazama.
G-Corp President. Beat Story Mode with Kazuya Mishima.
Revenge is Sweet. Beat Story Mode with Heihachi Mishima.
Movie Buff. Beat Story Mode with all characters.
Bounder. Perform a Bound combo 10 times.
Living Dangerously. Win a match in Rage Mode every round.
Dark Star Rising. Unlock Azazel.
The Harder They Fall. Beat Nancy.
King of Iron Fist. Win 100 Online V.S. matches
Story of My Life. Finish ‘Special Console Mode’.
Shop-a-holic. Buy all customizations for a character.
King of Shop-a-holics. Buy all customizations for all characters.
Item Warrior. KO 10 opponents with an Item Move.
Item Master. KO 50 opponents with an Item Move.
Fan Service. KO an opponent with Asuka’s Giant Fan.
Prinny Master. KO an opponent with Lili’s Penguin Attack Item Move.
Bring a Gun to a Fistfight. KO an opponent with any of the gun items.
That’s not a Knife. KO an opponent with any of the blade weapon items.
Going for the Kill. KO an opponent with Christie’s volleyball.
Body Farm. KO 10 opponents with Julia’s Mega Spectacles Item Move.
Miser. Accumulate 5 million at least in Fight Money.
Lucky Me! Won after getting your 40th Roulette.

Again, all these are just speculated… who knows what the actual Trophies and Achievements will be… I wonder if we’ll get lucky and get a few right? Well, we’ll see in a few months…


4 Responses to “Musing About Tekken 6 Console: Achievements and Trophies”

  1. This post made me lol, keep it up haha.

  2. Thanks for doing the musing about the achievements like I asked

  3. Unlock trophies will not be included.
    One of the main producers said in an interview that ALL characters will be unlocked right from the start.
    With the online play and such, he decided that unlocking characters will be an annoyance for online play and so on. google it, i don’t have the link

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