Starcraft Comic launches tomorrow!

The long wait for the next chapter in the never-ending war between Terrans, Zerg and Protoss getting you antsy? Well, relief may be found in the pages of the new Starcraft comics. This 4-issue limited series from Wildstorm is set prior to the events in Starcraft II, and will predictably star new characters instead of familiar heroes and anti-heroes in the universe.

The comic will feature a band of mercenaries known as The War Pigs, who have been brought back together for one particularly tough mission- the Assassination of Jim Raynor. Of course since we all know by now that ol’ Terran faceman James is alive and well (so far) in SCII, we can surmise that this pack of Pigs probably won’t succeed in their mission… but it will be interesting to see how far they go.

Starcraft #1 lands in stores tomorrow, May 28. The series is written by Keith Giffen and Simon Furman, with Art by Federico Dallocchio. I’ll see if it’s worth checking out.


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