Musing about Tekken 6 Console: 10 Odds and Ends

Been thinking quite a bit again of our much-awaited console ports of Tekken 6. Nothing too focused… as in the title, just some little bits and pieces.

I’ve been looking at the customization options for Alisa Boskonovitch and really… she doesn’t have much. Aside from country lass and sexy Barrista or secretary, there’s not much to her alternate looks. Everyone else has their Tekken 6.0 stuff AND the stuff added in BR, while Alisa (and Lars) got the short end. I would like to think that Alisa will get more- a lot more- on the console version. Regardless of her being a robot, she’s a lady who deserves a big wardrobe.

As for Lars Alexandersson… well, I’ll be fine with him getting more than just a baseball cap to go with his power armor. Anyway, he’s getting a major role in the home versions thanks to his story being the focus in the ‘new mode’. I’m really hoping this is a sort of Trial or Dojo Mode as in PSP’s Tekken DR… I am genuinely interested in the game story, and a nice presentation of the plot would go a long way to enjoying the game. Lars’ backstory will surely reveal whether this neophyte is a good guy or another anti-hero, which will probably be a big impact on future Tekken game storylines.

That said, I really want even more costumes, and perhaps even more throwback outfits, for everyone else to surprise us on the home versions. Kimonos for Asuka Kazama at the very least, so we can recreate her Yakuza Diceroller look is a MUST. Heheh…

Thinking about it again, I really think that adding the option to Turn Off/On the Variable Full Body Blur Effect is pretty awesome and should indeed be included in the game. Please do so, Harada-san!

Customizations cost a LOT. Millions are easily spent to put together a decently awesome look for any character. Now, this is frustratingly expensive in the arcade, but in the home version it just translates to tons of hours of challenge and replay value. I really hope they don’t ‘cheapen’ stuff too much, and also add cool new stuff that will really be worth saving up tons of fight money for. Secret Items that are unlocked by some conditions would be cool as well.

I really want a Battle Theater or mode where you can pit two characters (customized as you want) in a CPU vs CPU battle. Or maybe even a battle with two Ghost A.I. characters. Tekken 6 is a gorgeous game, and a way to appreciate the graphics in a relaxed way would be nice.

A nice way of nodding over to sister game Soulcalibur IV would be to give particular characters pieces of outfits and customizations that will allow you to recreate the look of various Calibur fighters in Tekken 6. Think of it… Lili in Sophitia’s outfit. Nina in Ivy’s P1 costume. Kazuya as Mitsurugi. Hell, you’ve already got Lee Chaolan basically aping Raphael already anyway… let’s go all the way.

I really wish there was a link between the PS3 and PSP versions. Maybe you can share your game save between the two, so any money or customs you have in one will be reflected in the other…

I really need to see a new trailer this E3. Please let there be a new trailer.

Tag Team Mode in the console versions would be freakin’ awesome. I hope they put it in…

That’s that for now. Hmmm…


3 Responses to “Musing about Tekken 6 Console: 10 Odds and Ends”

  1. Yet again, awesome post. Lars’ customs aint that bad.

  2. tenzing Says:

    hi, been reading your blog for a few weeks, and its been fun!

    besides your points which I agree with, I wish Namco would allow full-fight replays which could be saved (kinda like PES)…. so I can watch getting my ass kicked, haha

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