And the Ball Drops: Kojima working on New Metal Gear

IGN has reported that the latest Famitsu just spilled the beans on all the intriguing hoopla over at Kojima Productions. In a somewhat-censored interview with International Man of Mystery Hideo Kojima, it is revealed that the MGS creator is indeed working on a new Metal Gear game as director and game designer, and the MGS4 team is working on the title, and the game will be a proper entry into the series canon.
Recently, the Kojima ‘Next’ site revealed, within the current rain-and-lightning drenched field, a fleeting image of Big Boss. This has now been followed by an image of cyborg ninja Raiden, of course leading to logical speculation that he’ll be starring in this upcoming new chapter in the MGS saga.

Pretty cool stuff. Is Big Boss coming back from the dead (again)? Will this really be the cyborg ninja’s time to shine? Will we see ol’ David back for a cameo? Are those hot Beauties coming back? We’ll just have to wait. And considering how long Kojima games come- we’re in for a long one. More on this as we get it.


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