Tekken 6 HUGE Announcement?

As we reported earlier, SD-Tekken is teasing something HUGE involving Tekken 6 on their Twitter alerts- not just BIG, but HUGE. What could it be? It seems that this will be revealed sometime very soon, so all we can do is wait. I’ve already speculated a bit on some possible ‘HUGE’ things that could conceivably be revealed, but here are a few things that may be HUGE… but not… just for freakin’ fun. Heheh…

Maybe the reveal is that…

Tekken 6 is so HUGE, it will require a 10 GB mandatory install… Gak…

Tekken 6’s bosses are surely HUGE. So maybe- HUGE Playable Bosses? Man, I really can’t see how playing Nancy or Azazel could be fun, but… what the heck.

Maybe console exclusive customizations will be revealed, including bikinis for the girls, showing off HUGE boobs.

Guest character is HUGO, from Final Fight and Streetfighter games… he’s HUGE, right… okay, that’s stretching it…

HUGE Head mode. Woowee.

Anyway… hopefully NONE of these crap will make it in. Anyway, I don’t expect anything directly related to the game itself- maybe it’s more about the site. Maybe it’s a new site section, gallery, a contest or maybe an announcement of Tekken 6 becoming part of EVO? We’ll see. More on this of course, as we get it.


One Response to “Tekken 6 HUGE Announcement?”

  1. Boobs FTW!

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