Heavy Rain

Okay, there’s been quite a bit of stuff on the upcoming PS3 exclusive, playable psychological thriller Heavy Rain. 1Up, IGN and Gametrailers have posted vids and interviews with the developers, and it all sounds interesting.

However, looking at the ‘gameplay’ footage with the onscreen prompts… it doesn’t really look like you’re controlling the character as much as you would in the old Dragon’s Lair game or other Laserdisc titles of yesteryear. I can’t believe that the choreographed movements are anything totally under your control as of now- does it mean it all just boils to pressing the right button when prompted?

Also… one more gripe… the female character, Madison… looks… mannish. She’s got a hot bod, and she moves great on the dance floor… but man, her mug. She looks like Carrie Anne-Moss’ non-acting sister, and that’s being kind.

This game is still about a year away from release, so hopefully they fix things a lot before then. I’m pretty intrigued with it so far, and am liking the mature elements. Something to look forward to in 2010.


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