Poison Ivy Revealed!

Look but don’t touch- Poison Ivy is lethal.

Eidos’ gritty-looking comic book-based stealth-action title, Batman: Arkham Asylum, just got a shot of sex appeal and chlorophyll. The latest trailer revealed another villain the Dark Knight has to contend with- the beautiful and botanical Poison Ivy. Yeah, Harley Quinn was neat but no villainess in the Batman mythos is quite as hot as Ivy.
With the ability to control plants to go with her lethal allure, the former Dr. Pamela Isely is sure to ramp up the heat with her minimal attire and deadly plant servants. I’m really glad they went with the sexy ‘nature goddess’ design seen in Batman: Hush and other recent Ivy appearances in comics. Needless to say, this game just shot up my list of anticipated games.

Arkham Asylum opens its gates this Summer 2009.


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