Musing About Tekken 6 Console: Big Announcement?

Okay, SD-Tekken posted on Twitter yesterday that a ‘Big Announcement’ was upcoming in the next few weeks. Now, this may be nothing but a new layout for the Tekken fan site, or it could be something pretty awesome. But what could it be? Well, E3 is in less than two weeks, and there should be something there as well. Whether it’s directly from Namco-Bandai at E3, or from our fellow Tekken-heads at SD, what could the next big, world-shaking thing they can throw at us on our much-awaited fighter?

Early Release Date? Will we possibly be seeing Tekken 6 on consoles earlier than the so-far projected October 2009 release? Just PLEASE don’t make it a freakin’ later release date…

The New Console Mode? This is a big thing that may be due to be unveiled at E3. Is it indeed an enhanced action mode starring Lars and telling the story leading up to the current story? Or will it be a funny out-of-left-field mode like a Rhythm-Action minigame… Tekken Dance Dance Rebellion??

Guest Characters? Will we be seeing exclusive console fighters from other franchises make the jump into the PS3 and Xbox360 versions? Maybe we’ll see Wolverine. Or Captain James Tiberius Kirk. Or freakin’ John Connor. Makes no sense, but what the heck.

Demo Revealed. Maybe Namco will throw us a bone and have a playable demo of Tekken 6 available for download on PSN and Xboxlive, to tide us over in the last leg of our long wait. Even with just a few characters, this would be awesome. But this should be about as likely as the guest characters… but certainly possible.

Who freakin’ knows? Does SD-Tekken know? Anyway, pretty much anything can happen from now and the game’s Third Quarter release date. All we can do is just soldier on, gird our loins and… wait. Sigh.


One Response to “Musing About Tekken 6 Console: Big Announcement?”

  1. Please, a Demo. All I want is a Demo, please Namco!

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