FFVII Advent Children Completed this June

For the FFVII completist who doesn’t know Japanese, the US blu-ray release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete will be out this coming June 2. The disc will contain the new HD cut of the CG FFVII feature, with 26 minutes of all-new scenes and footage. Also included will be an anime entitled One the Way to a Smile: Denzel’s Story, which will show the origin of Cloud’s little ward (yeah, yeah, who the freak cares about Denzel, but hey- it’s actually a nice little aside story). Also included will be a sneak peek at FFXIII and a Story Digest.

I’ll probably be picking this up, mostly as something to test out on my HDTV and upcoming home theater setup. Should be nice.


One Response to “FFVII Advent Children Completed this June”

  1. Already downloaded. 😀 Yeah I was also hoping Denzel died of the disease, god I hate that kid.

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