Touch of Evil (Resident Evil Degeneration on iPhone, iPod Touch

Biohazard infects the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Now, say what you will about most of the games that appear on Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch– yeah, most of them are just one-shot ponies or ports of flash games… but some are real gems or at least some pretty viable time-killers. You don’t really want a game that will absorb you and have you playing for hours on end- not good if you’re on an iPhone (thankfully I own a Touch so the battery dying isn’t such a big issue for me). All you need is something that can occupy your attention for a few minutes; just enough to get you past that short commute. In between meetings. Or in the Loo.

Well, one such new offering is Capcom’s Resident Evil: Degeneration. Based on the recent CG movie, it puts you in the shoes of Leon Kennedy as a major biohazard takes place in an airport. Along the way you’ll have to navigate through the abandoned halls and rooms which are sparsely populated with a few zombies. Kill the creepies to get ammo or even some cash, which you can use since RE4’s merchant is back for his best customer.

And speaking of RE4, the game pretty much plays and controls like that much-hallowed installment, with an over-the-shoulder view and a nicely responsive onscreen D-pad being used to rotate Leon to the desired direction and to move forward or backward. Yeah, tank-like controls are back but they work fine. It’s kinda weird though that you need to shift between ‘Shooting’, ‘Moving’ and ‘Knife’ modes, but you’ll get used to that fast.

Graphically, the game looks pretty good, for an iPhone game- Leon looks like Leon, the zombies look like zombies. The areas though are a bit on the sparse and generic side- atmosphere isn’t this game’s strong suit, but hey… it’s a freakin’ iPhone not a PS3 or Xbox360. If you want to feel creepy playing this, go hang out in a morgue as you play it.

Anyway, the game doesn’t look that big, but finishing the main game apparently unlocks some stuff like a Mercenary Mode (which hopefully puts you in control of Claire) and a Gallery.

The nice thing about the game is, as a iGame, you can just put it down after spurts of play, to continue as you please. And what could be better at killing time than killing undead and mutants? This is a pretty cool game to have on your iDevice, more so if you’re a fan of the RE franchise. iBiohazard will set you back about 7 dollars on the App Store.


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