X-Play All-Access Preview on Tekken 6

If you have G4TV, you may want to check in on the May 13 episode of X-Play, as the All-Access Preview segment will be featuring our much-awaited Tekken 6. Now, I regard X-Play as more of a comedy show than anything else, and I think that they rail too much against stuff I like, including Final Fantasy VII and Avatar: The Last Airbender… but any news on Tekken 6 is good news. The feature will probably be online on Youtube or elsewhere soon.
Anyway, it looks like this feature was set during the same recent Namco-Bandai Gamer’s Day Event and will most probably contain the same content as the recently-posted G4TV’s 10-minute segment on the game… save with some new voiceover by the X-Play hosts. So don’t expect much aside from Harada still talking about the game’s features we already know about.

You can watch a short snippet of the segment here.


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