Musing About Tekken 6 Console: ‘Lar’s Story’ Mode

We’ve known for a while now that the console versions of Tekken 6 will have a new, ‘major console mode’ included along with the requisite home play modes. But recent interviews with Tekken team director Katsuhiro Harada have given bits and pieces of what we can expect. For one, this major mode will allow players to easily (relatively) unlock customizations and items which would normally take them a long time by earning fight money in regular play. Another thing mentioned so far is that the new console mode will focus a lot on newcomer Lars Alexandersson, and tell his story.

Now, why Lars? Well, for the information of all, this Japanese-Swedish fighter is Heihachi Mishima’s secret child- yet another side to the ongoing struggle of the Mishima bloodline for the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Prior to Tekken 6, in the events that built up to the actual tournament, new Mishima Zaibatsu CEO Jin Kazama sent out his special corps, the Tekken Force, to commit various covert actions throughout the world. Among the faceless troops of Jin’s private army is a young officer named Lars Alexandersson. A brilliant, charismatic leader, Lars led his men into the thick of battle, and through his prowess earned their respect and admiration. So when Lars suddenly defected from the Zaibatsu and began his rebellion, he took with him the soldiers under his command. What are his objectives and intentions? What is this warrior fighting for?

It may stand to logic that this ‘new mode’ will let players take control of the Swedish heartthrob and see him through his initial joining of the Tekken Force, his rise as an officer, to his eventual coup d’ etat.

How will this mode be presented? One way may be via the usual Tekken Force mode, which is very action-oriented and pit Lars against multiple opponents. Or perhaps Devil Within style, which will add in platform elements (Please NO) or exploratory portions. Another route may be to go via the way of the Tekken Dojo mode- or Edge Master mode in the original Soul Edge, which will have players navigate through a map, taking Lars all about the world and meeting various fighters in one-on-one combat. Cutscenes or text (hopefully the former) may tell the story and show Lars’ interactions with various characters who may or may not affect his choices to eventually go against the Zaibatsu.
Winning or overcoming trials may earn the player money or items, so going through this mode will be a good alternative to repeated play in Story Mode or playing through Ghost or Arcade mode to build up cash.

But then again, we could be totally wrong and there could be something totally different used to tell Lars’ past. Maybe a Bejeweled-type game? Or a return of Tekken Bowling? Isn’t bowling big in Sweden? Hmmm.

Anyway, hopefully this new mode will indeed tell us a lot about this fiery new fighter in Tekken 6. Is he a good guy, or a bad guy? What are his feelings toward dear ol’ Dad? It would be very interesting to see how different this guy will be towards the other Mishima stalwarts.

Well, we don’t have that long to wait at least to know a wee bit more about the game. In just a few more weeks comes E3, and surely there will be a considerable bit more of Tekken 6 shown at the biggest gaming expo of the year. More on this as we get it.


3 Responses to “Musing About Tekken 6 Console: ‘Lar’s Story’ Mode”

  1. I love your musings. Soooo cool.

  2. Thanks, ZeroX. I can’t wait to play this ‘New Mode’. Hopefully the Tekken team really works on making it coo, whatever it is. And I hope Lars’ story is interesting at least.

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