Meet King of Fighter XII’s Console-Exclusive Fighters

Mature and Elizabeth join the KOFXII Cast on Consoles.

Thought the teasing pics of ‘K’ and Mai Shiranui meant they were appearing as the console extras this July? Well, SNK gives us all a big ‘UP YOURS!’ by revealing that they’re not. The two new combatants exclusive to the PS3 and Xbox360 versions are Mature, former secretary to Rugal Bernstein and flunkie to Iori Yagami, and Elizabeth, the wand-wielding rival of Ash Crimson. Mature’s sporting a Ryomou-esque eyepatch, which may hint at what’s been going on with her (since she was supposedly deceased).

All I can say is… I hope these two aren’t the only console extra fighters. Seriously. KOFXII needs a serious dose of really hot babes, and these two just aren’t doing it. What we need is hotness that’s, like, Ninja girl-hot.

Anyway, King of Fighters XII is out on the PS3 this July, while the Xbox360 version in still TBA.


One Response to “Meet King of Fighter XII’s Console-Exclusive Fighters”

  1. Mmmhh… Elizabeth looks like hotaru futaba in colours and design, it looks like she has grown up.

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