Japanese Tekken 6 Console Site

There’s been an official U.S. Tekken 6 site for the console version online for quite a while- you know… the one with the gimmicky flash-animated Jin and Kazuya which seems more Mortal Kombat than Tekken in feel… and it’s still got nothing up save for an old trailer and a bunch of screenshots.

Well, Japan’s own official page has opened up, and it has just as few stuff up. Well, at least it has the new Editor’s Day 09 trailer and some wallpapers of Kazuya, Jin, Alisa and Lars. Other sections are still ‘coming soon’. Anyway, it’s just nice to see every bit of new Tekken 6 development as we wait for our most anticipated fighting game to drop into our grubby hands. Check out the site here.


One Response to “Japanese Tekken 6 Console Site”

  1. i wish they could hurry it up and translate it into english

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