Tekken 6 and Soulcalibur IV coming to PSP!

Even on the PSP, Zafina’s looking good.

Okay, fight-fans, hold onto your butts. IGN and Gamespot just broke a couple of flabbergasting news bits today from Namco-Bandai. Apparently their two awesome fighting titles- Tekken 6 and Soulcalibur IV– are headed for Sony’s portable. YES, as many have been asking for, the Playstation Portable is getting fighting game heaven later this year along with the big boy consoles.

Tekken 6 PSP to feature a ‘Go Fetch’ minigame? Heheh…

Tekken 6 for the PSP won’t be a pixel-for-pixel equal of the PS3 or Xbox360 versions, but it will supposedly come with even more content including new stages, even MORE customization options and the ability to load or trade ghost data and play wirelessly via ad hoc play.

Judging from the screenshots so far released, the game at least mimics or approximates the game pretty competently, although I am thinking this may basically be a re-skinned Tekken Dark Resurrection. Still, seeing Bob, Zafina and company on the PSP screen should be nothing short of grin-inducing for fight fans. Oh, and I think we can expect a few surprises exclusive to the PSP… we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we? Man, can you imagine how they’ll fit Azazel or Nancy on the PSP screen? Crazy!

The Tale of Souls and Swords is retold on PSP.

Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny may look like a port of Soulcalibur IV but apparently it’s not just a simple conversion of the console slasher- this version will have specific tweaks and additions specifically tuned to new players. As with Tekken 6, the game still retains the general look of the big-screen console versions, which means it still looks quite amazing.

At present, the roster is still being put together, though the game will reportedly have the full core roster available in the final game, with favorites like Mitsurugi and Ivy as well as SCIV debutante Hilde. While the Star Wars guest characters from the home versions won’t be making the cut, there will be new fighters added to the standard roster, the first to be revealed being Dampierre, a top hat-wearing, mustache-twirling ruffian in a striped suit who sports a nasty-looking wrist blade.

The game will also have the popular Character Creation mode so you can outfit your own warrior dude or dudette, and gameplay elements like Clothing Destruction and Critical Finishers, with new enhancements. Completely new to the game will be a new single-player mode meant to ease in new players, with over 80 missions to chew on and hone your sword-swinging skills.

What a wonderful thing to find early in the morning! More on this as it happens. Even as I am already so hyped for Tekken 6 on PS3, I find myself even more excited now for the handheld versions of these awesome fighters. Namco-Bandai are freakin’ game gods.

Tekken 6 for the PSP is so far scheduled for a Fall 2009 release (alongside the home versions?), while Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny is slated for release in Summer 2009.

For the original articles, check out IGN and Gamespot as well as this article from 1Up.


5 Responses to “Tekken 6 and Soulcalibur IV coming to PSP!”

  1. I saw this article in the morning, needless to say, I jizzed my pants. Tekken 6 at the arcade, Tekken 6 in the lounge room, Tekken 6 on the go, Tekken 6 in the toilet. Tekken 6 everywhere! I love you Namco!

  2. Indeed. It freakin’ made my day. I’m hoping we get Broken Destiny in July or so, which is a great warm-up for the Tekken coolness to come just a few months later… ^_^ Sweeeeeet.

  3. I am so lame, I think that I will buy tekken 6 xbox + psp
    And although I already have sciv i still think i am going to buy sc:bd

  4. Nothing lame about that. I’m getting both PS3 and PSP versions of Tekken 6, and yes, SCBD as well. It’s my fave game, so what the heck.

  5. sdravenson Says:

    Now I don’t need to buy a PS3! However, I’ll still go for PS3 version and the PSP at the same time!!! BRAVO NAMCO!!!

    To Harada-san: Domo arigatou gozaimashita!!!

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