Superheroes vs Streetfighters

The 2-D fighting madness of Marvel VS Capcom 2 has been heavily hinted and expected for a few weeks now, and today Capcom finally let out the beans. This ultimate mash-up beat ’em up is headed for both the PS3 and Xbox360 this summer. While it won’t be sporting a makeover like Streetfighter II Turbo HD Remix, there will be some tweaks and tricks to make the game look good even on today’s widescreen HDTVs, as well as some new modes of online play.

At about $14.99 or 1200 MS Points, the game should be well worth it for 2-D fighting buffs or anyone enjoying the sight of Chun-Li and Jill Valentine laying the Smacketh Down on Captain America and Magneto. For those wanting an early taste, a demo should be appearing on the PSN later this week. Oh, joy!

Now… how about an enhanced Streetfighter III Third Strike, Capcom?


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