Sengoku Basara Anime looks Pretty Awesome

Capcom’s Sengoku Basara (Devil Kings in the US) is basically just Dynasty Warriors in Feudal Japan, but it’s actually pretty cool with the over-the-top character designs and action. Well, this Feudal Era Fighting Saga has recently been expanding with releases of Sengoku Basara X and Battle Heroes… and into anime as well.

The Sengoku Basara anime, produced by Production I.G. (the guys behind Ghost in the Shell and a truckload of Japan’s slickest-looking anime), throws viewers into a war-torn midieval Japan, with super-powered warlords, samurai and ninja battling for total supremacy. The main heroes are fiery red-garbed Sanada Yukimura and eyepatch-wearing Date Masamune, both chief warriors serving opposing lords who meet on the field of battle and start having a friendship and rivalry of sorts. As war rages on, like-minded warriors must eventually come together as the evil Oda Nobunaga AKA The Devil King threatens to consume the whole continent.

I’ve only gotten to see some parts of the first couple of episodes, but easily the animation is pretty slick and high quality, and the character designs and fight scenes translate the over-the-top action in the game pretty excellently. As well as being action-packed, the characters are likable and cool, and there’s liberal humor and light-hearted goofing along with the fierce combat.

In terms of game-to-anime translations, this seems pretty spot-on great. Check it out for your Feudal Fighting Fix in between games.


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