Musing about Tekken 6: Force Mode Unleashed, Part Deux

Tekken Force or G-Corps: Which side will you be on?

Okay, seeing that slick new Tekken 6 trailer got me thinking again. I mean, there’s a lot being put on the ‘war’ aspect of the latest aspect of the King of Iron Fist Tournament, with all the trappings of an episode of Futureweapons on Discovery Channel. I’m really thinking that all this carnage outside the actual Tekken arenas may actually materialize into actual gameplay modes in the console versions.

Think of it… choose a fighter from the roster and go on a wild brawl to clear streets of marauding Tekken Force soldiers or G-Corps troopers. Clear stages to meet a boss (aligned with the corresponding factions) and fight your way to the Big Bad (Jin or Kazuya). The schtick here is that perhaps this mode can be co-op multiplayer, and perhaps online? That would be awesome! High scores can give you ranks like private, sarge, lieutenant, captain… all the way to CEO. Hidden customs like Tekken force or G-Corps uniforms may be unlockable here as well.

Wow. It’s really just a return to the original Tekken Force mode, a Final Fight-type minigame, but with the ability to play with any of the 40-strong roster (and use your available customs), the current intense storyline and multiplayer… this could be something. Now, I wonder if this could be the new ‘Major Console Mode’ being hinted at? We’ll just have to wait and see…


2 Responses to “Musing about Tekken 6: Force Mode Unleashed, Part Deux”

    That would be really AWESOME! 8D

  2. Jebis! How did you know?

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