New Tekken 6 Spring Trailer, Impressions


My thoughts on the new trailer…

Lots of munitions and military stuff being shown (love Jin’s new VTOL). There’s a war between the Zaibatsu and G-Corp, after all. Will all that hardware and soldiers be just CG dressing, or will there be gameplay portraying the war?

The Tekken Force troops look cooler than the G-Corps soldiers.

Lots of Miguel. His fight scenes with the Tekken Force seem linked to the scene with his sister… does he go and attack the Tekken Shu immediately after? Man, I wouldn’t want to be in their boots.

Zafina’s in all-too-brief, though something goes really wrong judging from how the temple/city falls apart at the end… her doing?

Leo looks more like a girl here.

Where are Alisa and Lars? I guess they’re being saved for later.

More Asuka and Lili makes The Lone Gamer happy. The scene is longer but ends up at exactly the same place it did before in the older trailer (DARN). Lili’s always moving so fast, she’s never really clear, save for that one frame PANTY SHOT. Heheh. Gotta love the horny devs pouring the panchira love on Miss Rochefort.

Paul and Bryan fighting- a new rivalry? Once again Bryan seems to be all-powerful and invincible… will Mr. Phoenix finally be able to wipe that evil grin off his face?

It seems we’ll finally find out what is behind Armor King’s mask and have a resolution between him, Marduk and King. I wonder… will this see a wrestling threesome forming after, or will it all end in tears..?

Christie in tears, and in mourning? Things don’t look too good for the Great Capoeira Master, but perhaps a happy ending may still be won…

Yoshimitsu looks like he’s in dire straits.

They really shouldn’t have to show the old scenes that much anymore. The scenes with Jin on his bike or the fight with Kazuya have been seen too much already… should’ve filled the time up with new footage instead.

Heihachi… now being hunted by his former troops? That must suck.

Nice action with Bruce. I wonder if we’ll see him tussling with the officers on the other side (Nina and Eddy).

Man, I wonder if the CG cinematics are done already? Somewhere in a Namco-Bandai office in Japan, the whole intro and a truckload of CG endings and cutscenes are on some hard drive or server… for now, all we can do is speculate and imagine how cool and awesome (or weird and lame) they will be… sigh.


5 Responses to “New Tekken 6 Spring Trailer, Impressions”

  1. That’s my video loool. That was quick of you to find it. Haha. While your at it check my other videos. πŸ˜€

  2. Yeah, I could tell from the username. ^_^ It’s only fitting, I think. Heheh…

  3. Nice trailer. Wanted to see some Hwoarang, Lee and Lars action though.

  4. Too freakin’ short. Hopefully a PS3 trailer should follow soon, and with more footage.

  5. I just want the game already. 😦 Have you seen my vids? Tehehe.

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