Fighting Games Galore on Xbox360, New Tekken 6 Trailer Debuts

EDIT: Gametrailers now has the new Tekken 6 Xbox360 trailer posted in HD and SD versions. Check it out here.

SD-Tekken just posted this bit of cool fighting game info. At the just-concluded Microsoft Xbox360 Spring Press Conference, a NEW trailer for Tekken 6 has just been shown. Unfortunately, at present it’s apparently only downloadable and viewable from Xboxlive (it should get posted on Youtube shortly) so check that out when you can. Aside from that bit, there seems to be a lot of beat ’em ups headed for the Xbox360 in the next few months…

Tekken 6 from Namco Bandai Games is still slated for Fall 2009 release.

BlazBlue from Arc System Works due in Japan on June 25 (June 30th in the US)

Virtual On for Xbox Live Arcade, from SEGA. Slated for an April release in Japan.

King of Fighters XII by SNK.

King of Fighters 2002: Ultimate Match announced for Xbox Live Arcade.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves announced for Xbox Live Arcade.

Samurai Spirits Sen, 3D action Samurai Shodown!

Wow. Cool stuff. I’m glad that Shodown’s still alive apparently. All the other stuff is neat, but what I really want right now is to see the new Tekken 6 trailer… more on this as I get it! WOOHOO!


3 Responses to “Fighting Games Galore on Xbox360, New Tekken 6 Trailer Debuts”

  1. Hey bro, the video is here. Just checked it out, awesome stuff.

  2. Yep, saw it already. Pretty awesome. But darn if this doesn’t make the wait that much harder… ^_^

  3. AlphaCananogram Says:

    I don’t see it on my XBOX 360 or on XBOX.COM !?!?

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