King of Fighters XII Extra Fighters Revealed?

‘K’ and Mai Shiranui: Console-bound?

I’ve already made my thoughts on King of Fighters XII known in a previous post- the roster lacks babes like Mars Needs Women. Yeah, Leona Heidern is hot, but she’s a bit kooky, and she’s wearing baggy pants. Then there’s Athena Asamiya, who seems to have regressed back to being ten years old. What this much-touted new 2-D fighter needs is more hotties to heat up the fighting, or it’s all a freakin’ sausage fest like crappy SFIV.

Well, there may be hope yet. It’s already been confirmed that the console versions of the game will feature extra fighters, though just who those fighters will be is as yet unknown. However, some new artworks recently put up at the game’s official site may give big hints. So far, both emo-boy ‘K’ and busty ninja babe Mai Shiranui have appeared, drawn in the same art style as the other KOF XII characters. Will we be seeing them on the consoles? Me thinks, we SHOULD. A KOF game without Mai is like… iffy.

Anyway, more on this as we get it.


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