Tekken vs Virtua Fighter a Possibility!

Asuka Kazama versus Pai Chan. Impossible? POSSIBLE!

At least, that’s what Katsuhiro Harada, head of Namco-Bandai’s Tekken development team is saying in a recent article posted at 360 Gamer.

Apparently this clash of the fighting game giants has come close to happening several times in the past- Harada himself has attempted to bridge the gap between the two franchises, and aspects of possible gameplay of such a cross-over title have indeed been tested. From his words, the Tekken team leader is throwing a challenge to fans of fighting games… if you want Tekken vs VF to happen, let yourselves be heard.

Well, as a fan myself of both games- the only other game I want aside from Tekken 6 PS3 is a console Virtua Fighter 5R- let me say this loud and clear.


For the whole article, click here.

Man. Nina vs Sarah. Asuka vs Pai. Eileen vs Xiaoyu. Jin vs Jacky. Akira vs Kazuya. King vs Wolf. DAAAAAAMN.

Who knows what the future can bring? It’s something to continue to wish for and wait for.


4 Responses to “Tekken vs Virtua Fighter a Possibility!”

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  3. I liked the way comes from looking and fighting asuka

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