Onechanbara Movie Gets Sequel

Last year or so, the cheezy Bikini Samurai Cowgirl game, Oneechanbara from D3, got a movie adaptation in Japan. I haven’t seen the full film, but I got the impression it was heavy mostly on the zombie slashing action and drama between the characters of Aya and Saki (overblown drama, in the typical Japanese fashion) and a bit light on the cheesecake and sexiness, which I found disappointing given how the film is about a girl who fights the undead in her swimsuit.

Well, apparently it still did well enough to warrant a sequel, supposedly entitled Onechanbara Vortex. I assume this means the film will be based on the Xbox360 version of the game with the same name. Which should be cool since the next-gen game added better graphics, Agent Smith-like enemies, a sexy female end boss, a hot lady cop and the ability to dress down your onscreen zombie killer babes in their lingerie. Put all that in the movie and I smell greatness. Heheh.


4 Responses to “Onechanbara Movie Gets Sequel”

  1. i saw the first oneechanbara movie, it sucked so bad omg, it really was horrible, i would not wish for a sequel ! a sequel to the Xbox version but on PS3 yes with a better story mode and better graphics !

  2. Man!!! Onechanbara was an awesome movie. For you martial arts fans it is definitely a great movie to see. I have the urge to watch it everyday. It really puts a great feeling and end to my day. I’m glad there’s a sequel, I hope its as good as the first!

  3. Aya, Reiko and Saki Says:

    I enjoyed watching Onechanbara movie, watched it in Japanese! I find if you watch in dubbed english, it’s gonna suck bigtime! Guess I was right about that! I love the characters Aya, Saki and Reiko eventhough I never play the game before. They should resurrected Saki and Reiko as clones like Resident Evil movies. Hollywood.. lay your hands off this property, ya might destroy it as you did on The Last Airbender, all I know ya might turn Aya into a White or worse.. Indian woman!

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