Weekend Warrior

WOOHOO! It’s a long weekend here in Manila, with a lot of folks already heading off to the provinces for some much-deserved R & R.

Me? My Gaming Hideaway has all the stuff I need (though I guess running to the grocer to pack up some junk food can’t hurt), so I’ll just be staying put at home. I’ll be kicking back and catching up on sleep and games during the break. Maybe I’ll try to unlock some characters in Resident Evil 5’s Mercenaries mode, or finish the main single player adventure as Sheva. Maybe I’ll try to give Streetfighter IV another go (probably not… I’d rather play Soulcalibur IV). Or maybe I’ll just play a few rounds of Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection on the PS3 to scratch that Tekken 6 itch. We’ll see.

Enjoy the break, people. Stay safe, and keep playing.


4 Responses to “Weekend Warrior”

  1. This Weekend Warrior reminds me of QJ.net…They do the same thing…

  2. im actually playing the same games as you, mercenaries (just got Wesker) but not Street fighter i think im gonna sell it ! add Oneechanbara and rockband to ur list haha, i really need to get Tekken 6, cant go back on T5DR after seeing all those great vids of T6 !

  3. Yeah, SFIV is still MEH for me. I’m not planning to sell my copy though- need to have one in my library, after all. ^_^

  4. i don’t see any good reason to keep it, i played DOA4 yesterday and it’s so much better than SFIV even though it came out 2 years ago or something.

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