About that King of Fighters Movie…

Okay, as much as I’d have wished that THIS post was the April Fool’s joke and not the previous article, this is pretty much true. The King of Fighters movie is set for release in 2010, and already has a cast lined up; Sean Faris as Kyo Kusanagi, Will Yun Lee as Iori Yagami, Maggie Q as Mai Shiranui, Ray Park as Rugal Bernstein, Bernice Liu as Vice, Monique Ganderton as Mature, Francoise Yip as Chizuru, Hiro Kanagawa as Saisyu Kusanagi, David Leitch as Terry Bogard, Sam Hargrave as Ryo Sakazaki, and Kane Kosugi as K’.

Lots of Asian actors in the list (well, director Gordon Chan is Asian after all), as well as some vets of other game movies and chop-socky flicks (of course, Ray Park was Darth Maul and ubiquitous movie martial arts guy, while Kane Kosugi appeared in the DOA movie). Maggie Q.’s got the face of Mai, though probably boob-fans may find her a bit lacking for the role, but she can kick ass at least.

The plot seems more Mortal Kombat than KOF, with the champions of ancient fighting clans traversing various dimensions and battling otherworldy warriors as an evil force tries to invade the earth. Hmm… well, the SNK franchise is filled with mystic enemies and magic howdy-doody stuff, so that’s not entirely off the page… still… it’s hard to read the plot synopsis and not get a bit… antsy. Anyway, at 2010 release it’s still far off. Stuff like this tends to fade away and vanish without a word, like the Soulcalibur movie (and what’s on with the Tekken movie, as well?). So we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Or not.


One Response to “About that King of Fighters Movie…”

  1. thomas mendoza Says:

    let me know when it apears in the thearters

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