Tekken 6 Console Update: New Home Features, New Character Revealed!

Some intriguing tidbits on the upcoming home console versions of Tekken 6 for the PS3 and Xbox360 from the April issue of gaming mag GameBot Japan. It’s been a while since the last big update for this most awaited of fighters, so this is a real treat.

The Home Console Intro Movie is currently clocking in at around 5 minutes long, and features all of the characters in situations according to their Tekken 6 storylines. The earliest known footage shown from the actual console intro was the Lili-Asuka snippet in the latest console teaser trailer.

On the topic of the Story Mode, the devs have said that Tekken 6’s story will be the most in-depth in terms of storytelling and content. There will be multiple cutscenes per character. Some samples showed Christie slapping Eddy while saying “How could you-!”, Jin standing over Ling Xiaoyu’s (unconscious? dead?) body, saying “I am not yours to save” and Lars confronting Heihachi, with the older fighter saying “Are you Hilda’s…” (Hilda?). Some endings will be reportedly be ‘decisive’, similar to the manner in Soulcalibur IV, hinting at the possibility that not everyone will be coming back in the next tournament.

Tekken Ball is ‘back in’, according to the devs, by heavy fan requests. This may be one of the new online play modes being developed.

New customizations not seen in the arcade version of BR will be added to the home versions, including stuff ‘too hot for the public’. Hmmm…

Nancy and Azazel will NOT be playable. One of the new modes though is a ‘Boss Attack’ mode where you can just test your skills against Azazel or Nancy directly.

Doctor Bosconovitch himself will be appearing in the game as a playable fighter(!), and his storyline will reveal a lot about Alisa.

Another home mode involves Jin on his bike.

The PS3 version will allow for installing data, making load times virtually non-existent. The install requires about 10 gigs of free HD space. Ouch!

Tekken 6 is set for release on the PS3 and Xbox360 this coming Fall 2009. Till then, I hope you all enjoyed this little ‘update’. Happy April Fool’s Day! Heheh.


15 Responses to “Tekken 6 Console Update: New Home Features, New Character Revealed!”

  1. Dude I almost jizzed myself when I read this. This is awesome! Any link on the actual info? Thanks!

  2. Dude, remember what date it is today, before you jizz… heheh… ^_^

  3. Oh bugger, you’re not playing around with me are you?

  4. gosh too good to be true… but honestly, decisive endings which will determine the return of characters in the next tekken, i think that’s the dummest thing ever

  5. Wolfman Says:

    Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone. LOL

  6. NOOO!! If it’s a joke, then I’ll be heartbroken lmao.

  7. not funny, how could you

  8. LOL I hate u for this. Haha

  9. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!! I hate you! I’ll never come to this site again. *Runs of crying*

    P.S- Jokes, I love this site. But you did break my heart. 😦

  10. Sorry, but well, it was all just in the spirit of fun. In hindsight, I guess I should have made the stuff more ridiculous to have made it more obvious a joke. Oh well. At least this means that the 10 Gig HD space requirement isn’t true. At least, not yet. 🙂

  11. But damn bro. It seemed so legit, I guess I got April-Fooled so much at Uni that my brain wasn’t working properly when I read this. xD

  12. Now you know how I felt when I read an April Fool’s post last year on Tekken Zaibatsu. It had everything from long intro movie to Bob being a relative of Paul (Bob Phoenix??!!). Heheh. Anyway, nothing was lost. There are things said that are more speculation than joke, and who knows- they may actually still come true…

  13. i hope this isn’t fake.

  14. thats jus…. jus evil, i jus read it gettin hyped and then u said april fools…. *cries in a corner*
    pure evil (are u sure ur not the devil in diguise???)
    i wish the part about jin and xiayou was true tho, lmao!!! i cant stand that girl!

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