Resurrecting Dead or Alive

Will we see Hitomi and friends brawling again someday?

Okay, I’ve been going along all this time wearing my Tekkenhead and VF5R Fanatic Hats… but really, I was also a Dead or Alive fan, years ago. Well, to be exact, I absolutely adore a couple of games in the series- particularly Dead or Alive for the PSX and Saturn, and Dead or Alive Ultimate. The rest of the series I just love along with them, and I particularly LOATHE Dead or Alive 4.

Part of this is the simple fact that I freakin’ HATE Tomonobu Itagaki. The guy is easily THE most obnoxious, pompous overblown assholes in the gaming industry, which is tragic since he started off quite nice. Somewhere along the way he changed into this rockstar parody and proceeded to make games that I feel were his way of giving his fans time and again the finger. Well, he’s GONE from Tecmo and hopefully, gone forever from the Dead or Alive series.

Say what you will about DOA’s much-publicized fan service… it was a solid fighter most of the time, and the graphics were always impressive. However, it’s fault I believe was mainly in Itagaki’s arrogance which kept it in it’s own little world.

Let me say this- the pompous twit actually said that he had accomplished all that he needed to do with DOA4. That it could no longer be improved. Well, DOA4 sucks in so many ways for me, and I just hate it on principle. So here’s my two cents on how now, in a post-Itagaki Team Ninja, that Tecmo’s Flagship fighting game can be set right on the path and be a big player once again.

Update the Look. Dead or Alive hasn’t changed it’s look since DOA2. Really. Things have just gotten a bit smoother, clothes more detailed… and the boob physics have gotten progressively WORSE. Really. By the time DOAX2 rolled in, the boobs were more unrealistic than world peace. Throw out the old models and start everything from the ground up, from scratch. We don’t really need the anime-esque, you’ve seen one girl, you’ve seen them all style of yesteryear’s DOAs. It would probably be awesome to see the DOA babes finally looking more realistic and lifelike, purple hair and all. Let’s see it. Update the game in HD for the Next-gen consoles, the animations and stages- make it as fresh at least as Tekken 6 was to Tekken 5. Go realistic, solid and lifelike. It should blow people away.

Update the Fighting System. Counters ruling everything is outdated. DOA lacks side-throws. Incorporate counter-escapes and make the system deeper or more detailed. Update the moves. Have a new mechanic regarding the stages- something more to spice things up and give DOA a unique feel. Something. Perhaps the 3-button layout needs to go. Maybe.

Customization. Let me say this- Customization should be mandatory in fighting games, particularly 3-D fighters, from here on in. The big boys have it in spades, and they’re reaping rewards from players plunking in credits and quarters in order to earn that cool bling, rad shirt or funky hairdo. DOA should have had this years ago, but Itagaki just teased it in CG art but never delivered. So other fighters beat them to the punch. DOA has a built-in cast of babes ready to be fighting fashion models… use ’em!

Get Rid of the Guys. Hell, this is a bit of a stretch, but why not. Make DOA it’s own niche game- the only all-female fighter (in as much that Rumble Roses is an all-female wrestler). Introduce female versions of the best evicted male fighters to fill in the gaps and have variety in fighting styles, but add in all-new babes with never-before-seen fighting skills. It’s crazy, but who knows- it may just set DOA apart from the rest.

That said, here’s the New Story. DOATEC died in DOA4, which is something, at least. The runaway shinobi storyline with Kasumi is also outdated. Let’s see something new there. How hard can it be to think up a new tournament and an excuse for babes to get together and start kicking butt again? Here’s the answer. Why not call the New DOA Dead or Alive Xtreme 3? No more freakin’ stupid pool games with the bikini babes- we want swimsuit-clad WARS! The story is, simply, Zack sets up a fighting tournament on a new island, with a big cash prize at stake, calling up all the ladies around. Go all the way, Team Ninja! GO!

Now, how realistic will a future DOA game be? Certainly, this franchise is one of Tecmo’s best and biggest assets, and it would be very silly to think that they would shelve it forever. Team Ninja is most probably already working on the next game, sans Itagaki’s taint, and who knows- maybe the once solid challenger from Tecmo will someday hold water against Tekken, VF and Soulcalibur again.

Let me say this- I am DEAD SERIOUS with all that I have said. To Team Ninja, this is your recipe to resurrecting your fighter. Do this, and you’ll be a Top Fighter once more! Well… at least, with me. Heheh.


3 Responses to “Resurrecting Dead or Alive”

  1. totally agree with everything u said, but don’t get rid of the guys, you wanted something realistic, there has to be guys in a fighting game ! DOA seriously needs new graphics, no more baby faces with gigantic eyes on a playboy body, it’s getting old. Yeah go with something like VF5 or T6 and get rid of those weird hair they got since DOA4, it looks like everything is so light, the boobs (even how big they are, you just have to lift a finger and it goes up and down like crazy), the hair, skirts…..really Team Ninja needs to grow up and think about a real fighting game and not just chicks with big boobs.

  2. Have you ever seen those heart wrenching pictures of girls that have had all sorts of problems after their breast implants. GROSS

  3. amazingly…several of your opinions came true in DoA5, which is a pretty solid game despite non-owners only seeing it for its other “assets.”

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