Becoming Mr. Bubbles: Bioshock 2 Update

There’s been quite a bit of info on Bioshock 2, the much-anticipated sequel to the critically-acclaimed ‘genetically-enhanced shooter’. The game’s storyline has been hinted upon by a teaser website, but more solid details of the plot have been revealed in the latest issue of Game Informer magazine.

The game is set some years after the events depicted in the first Bioshock. Based on the ‘good ending’ where the first game’s protagonist left Rapture with a bunch of Little Sisters in tow, Rapture sank into chaos after the sudden shortage of Adam. Order was only restored when a new power filled Rapture’s power vacuum.

Supposedly players will take the role of the ‘First Big Daddy’, a prototype who is faster and more intelligent (well, as intelligent as the player is) version of the armored diving suit-wearing, drill-handed walking bosses. Since you are ‘The First’, you’ll have powers over and beyond those of other Big Daddies- basically you’ll have access to Plasmids and be able to upgrade your powers as you go along and collect Adam, the power source of Rapture. You will also be an outlaw, apparently even in the seemingly lawless underwater city you’ll be walking around with a bull’s eye on your butt.

Being a Big Daddy, one of your goals is to find a Little Sister of your own to take care of. Along with searches for Adam among the corpses littering Rapture’s corridors, you’ll have to fend off attacks from Splicers on your little charge. But the Splicers won’t be your only threat- in fact, the biggest obstacle will be the much-publicized Big Sister, a female version of the Big Daddies. This unique opponent is thinner but far faster and more agile than BD’s, and she’s got an agenda of her own. A former Little Sister, the Big Sister seems to be seeking to rebuild Rapture into the image of what she remembers it… and that may not jive with your own goals.

So as you grow stronger and flesh out your own mission in Rapture, expect the Big Sister to come after you with growing relentlessness- kinda like Rapture’s version of Nemesis. And since she apparently absorbs Adam directly into her body, growing stronger each time- you know there’s bound to be a final battle between you by the game’s climax. You know the old saying- There Can Be Only One Big Boss.

Bioshock 2 is slated for release in late 2009, though a game like this can easily slip into next year. The good news is, it’s gonna come out on both PS3 and Xbox360 simultaneously.

Here’s to this sequel living up to the lofty heights (or depths) that the original set. For now, all we can do is dream of our impending return trip to Rapture.


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