Metal Gear Solid Touch Sneaks In


The latest MGS title, Metal Gear Solid Touch on the iPhone and iPod Touch, is here. Well, actually, it’s on the US and UK Appstore already, one full day ahead of its supposed release date. Unfortunately for us Asian fans of Old Snake, no sign of MGST on the Philippine store yet. Once it does, it’s a sure buy for me.

The game looks… well… it looks like MGS, albeit kinda flat. But still, the sound and music are spot-on amazing, and that alone is enough to make this title head and shoulders over most other iGames. Supposedly this intro version will contain 12 levels, with more to be added via updates to the game (free of course once you buy the game). Anyway, it’s not a simple ‘Duck Hunt’ with Snake, the zoom-and-snipe moments are cool and shootouts seem fairly intense. This should be an improvement over iSniper, in any case. More on this as I get it.


5 Responses to “Metal Gear Solid Touch Sneaks In”

  1. 1Up gave it a not-as-bad-as-that review. Not a surprise.

  2. So far the Philippine store hasn’t gotten MGST yet- Konami apparently doesn’t care about our part of the world, so what the heck.

  3. Can’t you like, download it?

  4. I’m legit as far as my iPod goes. ^_^

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