What “Censored” Tekken 6BR Looks Like

I posted a while ago that the Korean version of Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion got a bit of an adjustment from the rest of the world’s BR cabinets. The censorship is primarily on the character of Alisa Bosconovitch, whose ability to sprout chainsaws from her forearms and detach her limbs or head during some moves are apparently far too much for Korean gamers to withstand.
If you watch in the above vid, Alisa uses ‘lightsabres’ which are, of course, far more elegant weapons, for a more civilized time. Also, her limbs no longer detach, but there’s still stuff falling off during throw breaks (which causes the detachments). Throws and attacks that involve her head apparently now have her using a bowling ball that materializes out of nowhere.

Okay. Whatever, Korean censor dudes. To each his own. Just makes me glad I live where I do.


4 Responses to “What “Censored” Tekken 6BR Looks Like”

  1. Lmao! That’s really funny.

  2. I hope it stays with the Korean version…

  3. oh no, too bad for them ! although the light saber thing looks interesting, the ball coming out of nowhere definitely sucks ! damn, cant wait to play T6 and try this character, looks so much fun !

  4. Hmm I love the old blog style way better but that’s just me,

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