More Resident Evil! More! MORE!

As if Resident Evil 5 wasn’t enough, Capcom has announced more stuff for their survival-horror-action franchise, according to Kotaku.
In a few weeks, the latest and greatest RE will be getting a new multiplayer shooter mode, which will allow for VS play. Yep, not only will you and some friends (or enemies) be able to team up or compete in killing Majinis, you’ll also be able to go and kill- each other! Characters available for use will include Chris and Sheva, of course, but also some secret characters to bump up the roster of playables. Well, I guess we’ll see how good Resident Evil is as a shooter. Both the PS3 and Xbox360 will be getting the mode, which will cost $4 on the PSN Store and 400 MS points on Xboxlive. Sounds pretty cool.

Now, aside from that, there’s more. The Nintendo Wii, which has been seemingly left out so far, will be getting some RE love- Wii ports of the Gamecube remakes of Resident Evil and Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles. Dark Chronicles is the spritual sequel to last year’s Umbrella Chronicles, this time taking the light gun rail shooting action into the events of Resident Evil 2, with Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy. All three games will make use of the Wii’s control scheme and have some new elements as well. All this plus there’s that so far unconfirmed report of a Code Veronica remake to the Wii as well.

HEY. Did Capcom ready my mind or something? After playing RE5, I was actually thinking of getting a Gamecube to play me some of the remade REs… I guess I can just get a Wii for all this RE goodness. Well, we’ll see. Man, Resident Evil is spreading like a virus…


One Response to “More Resident Evil! More! MORE!”

  1. LOVE RE5 ! kinda remind me of RE4 a bit too much but whatever, i had no problem at all with the controls btw. and LOVE onechanbara too (finally), too bad they don’t have all the moves from the beginning 😉

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