CO-OP gets Revisioned!

Remember some time ago, when got acquired by UGO, and a truckload of the guys from the site got laid off? Well, that made me feel pretty bad and the subsequent loss of the 1Up Show depressed me about as much as a delay in the release of Tekken 6 would… no delays… please… life not worth living… ah… anyway…

Some of the 1Up vets came together and kept doing what they did really well- bring us gamers a cool, funny and entertaining show about games for gamers, from guys who really like games. They called it CO-OP, and they did it from their apartment, apparently with equipment scrounged from their homes or donated by friends. Four episodes passed and things seemed to be going well, with the crew getting a PayPal account and finally getting some equipment to raise the quality of the show.

Well, this week, we just learned that CO-OP just got a revision. The show has been taken on by pretty well-established internet entertainment/TV site Revision 3. What does this mean? CO-OP finally has corporate backing, sponsors and they’re getting paid to do the stuff they love doing, which is making stuff we love watching. Which is, of course, freakin’ cool.

Congratulations to the CO-OP gang of Cesar Quintero, Ryan O’Donell, Jay Frechette, Matt Chanondrait, Robert Bowen and Jason Bertrand! Looking forward to more shows, more games and reviews and the gamer’s life we all wish we could live.

Anyway, here’s the first, Revision 3-backed episode of CO-OP, complete with an all-new wonderful intro song and featuring new PS3 shooter Killzone 2 and quirky Japanese game Noby Noby Boy. Check it out and have fun!


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