Future Fighting

Yeah, Tekken 6 is the Big Kahuna of fighting games upcoming later this year, but it’s not the only beat ’em up on the way. There are several other titles that may be worth looking into if you’re a hardcore fighting fan.

Blazblue, the Guilty Gear-esque 2-D fighter that’s been mega-popular in Japan is now confirmed to blaz its way onto the PS3 and Xbox360 this July. The home version will be released in both Japan and the US, and will feature a host of extras, including anime cutscenes by the animation studio GONZO, a Story mode that reportedly requires about 30 hours to complete (!), lots of unlockables, DLC support and online play. Wow, sounds cool. The game arrives this Summer.

Arcana Heart 2, the sequel to the popular arcade fighter loaded with moe girls, will be coming to the PS2 in April. A fighting stick has already been announced for those who want the full arcade experience.

King of Fighters XII will be released on PS3 and Xbox360 this July. I really hope they add Mai Shiranui to the console ports. Or at least some other babes. Otherwise… why bother..? Hmm.

Still missing in action, Virtua Fighter 5R. Come on, Sega! What IS your console division doing? We Want VF5R NOW NOW NOW!


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