Evil in my Residence

I got it. Resident Evil 5 arrived at my door, on a motorbike. Thankfully, the rider wasn’t a machete-wielding possessed attacker but just the UPS delivery guy.

It was a bit of a wait, and I played a bit more of the demo on the Xbox360 while I sweated it out. Unfortunately my full version is PS3 so the controls are a bit different, so that may kinda backfire. Ouch. Anyways, I’m set for a trip then. Tonight, I frolick in Kijuju.


5 Responses to “Evil in my Residence”

  1. damn you’re lucky…

  2. You are one lucky gamer. This blog rocks-homepage na-tekken updates

  3. Nah, I’m not lucky… just very impatient. ^_^

  4. so does it live up to your expectations so far ?

  5. Yep. ^__^ Review coming very soon.

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