Harada on Tekken 6 Xbox360: Approaching the Console’s Limits

Here’s a snippet of an interview made by the X360 Magazine with Katsuhiro Harada, Tekken team leader and producer of the upcoming console versions of Tekken 6. Apparently there’s a wee bit of challenge in fitting a 40-strong cast of muscle-bound guys and hot, curvy ladies into an Xbox DVD. AND you’ve got a giant robot, humongous demon AND Bob the fat dude too. Man, they’re gonna have to do a bit of compressing. Read some of Harada’s thoughts here. I say ‘some’ because apparently this article is just a snippet of the complete interview, which will be featured in the next issue of the X360 mag.

Well, what can I say? I’m glad I got a PS3…


17 Responses to “Harada on Tekken 6 Xbox360: Approaching the Console’s Limits”

  1. Dude, PS3 FTW!

  2. Is Tekken 6 not going to happen on the 360 then

  3. GOOD NEWS ! Tekken 6 shouldn’t be on the Xbox360 in the first place ! I hope they’re gonna make the game even better so it won’t fit on an Xbox DVD. Come on, why don’t they release the game now on the PS3 and then the Xbox version later on !! MY PS3 IS HUNGRY and needs good games….

  4. I think its bad news

  5. No, this sucks. I hope they fix it.STAT! 360 is probably the only chance i\ll get to play tekken 6.

  6. exactly, me too

  7. although they are only experiencing minor problems so the release should go ahead as planned, plu s they might just decide to have it on 2 discs so they have more space free

  8. 2 disc? odd for a fighting game. To choose Nina you’d have to pop in disc 2 then put in disc 1 to fight Jin. Or all customs are in a different disc? Idk. Hey GTA did it. They should stop making excuses, err btw why can’t they release the ps3 version earlier? tekken 6 was made for it,they only needed to add and fix small stuff. I get the late release date for 360 but not ps3.

  9. well i thought because they do it in rpgs that are big why not for beat ’em ups

  10. frankly people who r obsessed with tekken’s exclusivity to sony need to get over themselves at least they are still getting a release its hardly like tekken is only on the xbox now they can still buy a version for the ps3

  11. hum i bought the PS3 for Tekken 6 and now it’s on both system that’s why…same for FFXIII ! what’s the point of having either a PS3 or Xbox360 if all the games are multiplatform ?? that’s what make a console unique. Remember the time of the megadrive and the super nintendo !

  12. now that’s just being selfish

  13. yen kazama Says:

    the version of ps3 should be as good as it can, and the xbox too, i hope the version of ps3 shouldn’t become less amazing jut to make both console game looks like eachiother. i bought a PS3 years ago just waiting 4 tekken, i want the best the console cant give to me, and namco bandai too.

    “sorry my English is bad”

  14. MauricePhoenix Says:

    I purchased PS3 coz I thought it gonna be only on PS3. But right after i bought PS3 it announced that it gonna be on XBox and PSP 😦 However, What i think is PS3 version will be much2 better. Since BD has a lot of space to put the game into its up to 30GB i believe. Not only that but also if you do know now Toshiba is developing new BD with multiple layer which make BD be able to hold up to 5TB. Yeah, That’s right 5TB, 5000GB. Is there any way in the future PS3 games will be much better than now? Of course. Same question for XBox? You guys can probably guess ^^

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