Resident Evil 5 Out in Japan, Asia

Today, the infection finally broke out. Copies of Resident Evil 5 for the Xbox360 and PS3 for Japan crept into stores and into the hands of rabid Infected gamers. Long lines of players wanting to blast mobs of possessed villagers and other mutant monstrosities appeared in front of Japanese stores. The Asian version is also out today, which I was not aware of, so it was only a little while ago that I was able to place my order for my own copy. Hopefully despite my slight tardiness Resident Evil 5 will infect my PS3 for a bloody entertaining weekend. I mean, Capcom owes me that after SFIV… Heh. Anyway, I should be well on my way to figuring out the mysteries behind this latest entry in the long-running survival horror series. Now I can find out what happened to Jill. And see if I can’t wipe that smirk off Wesker’s ugly mug.

The US gets their copy in a week or so, but those wanting to import, well, the Asian version has english language support. In any case, happy blasting, gamers.


3 Responses to “Resident Evil 5 Out in Japan, Asia”

  1. awesome, i need an advice, Resident Evil costs 70 euros where i live, do you think i should sell SF4 or Killzone 2 ? i haven’t played either of them that much but i don’t know….

  2. As much as I dislike SFIV, it may be better to keep it around since there are few fighting games on the PS3, and whatever the flaws, SFIV is a solid fighter (with free online play!). Plus, if you’re getting RE5, better to get rid of the other shooting game (Killzone 2) so at least you got variety in titles. They’re both good games though, so choose wisely.

  3. thanks ! i still don’t know but i hope i will in a week !

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