A Lone Gamer’s 10 Favorite iGames

Yeah, while games currently on the iPhone or iPod Touch aren’t exactly cutting-edge stuff that would put the PSP or DS on high alert, there are TONS of games on offer at the iTunes Store, and some of them are pretty fun. The best thing about a game on the iPlatform is that they should be easy to get into and play in little bursts. I’ve been buying and downloading a gaggle of games for my Touch, with quite a few of them I actually paid for and got the full version for without regretting it.

Wurdle. A fun little word search game, perfect for building your vocabulary as well as killing time. Pretty addictive and challenging. TOR is an actual word??

Space Deadbeef. A cool and fast-paced sidescrolling space shooter, on the iPhone! Control your spacecraft and use blasters or guided missiles to take down various enemy units. Great graphics, sound, music and gameplay. Oh… and it’s FREE. FREEEEE!

The Force Unleashed. Funny that the iPhone/iPod version is better in many ways than the console games. Has a nice control scheme that lets you use The Force with simple gestures and swipes.

Alienbreaker. Arkanoids or Breakthrough, on the iPhone. Nice sound effects and varied levels are on offer as you try to maneuver your paddle to save earth from invading aliens.

Puzzle Quest. Tetris meets Fantasy RPGs! Yeah, it can get hard fighting a CPU when they probably KNOW what pieces are gonna fall next, but what can you do? Anyway, this can sap away your battery like crazy, so get this on iPod Touch since your iPhone will be dead after a couple of hours of questing.

Time Crisis Strike. Time Crisis on the iPhone/Touch! The controls are simple but challenging, and there’s nothing like taking down Wild Dog with your gun-fingers. Awesome!

Fastlane. I don’t like racing games, I have to say. But when I played the demo version of this, I just got convinced to get the full game. The controls of this cool racer are spot on, easy and very smooth, making it a joy to play. Plus, it looks pretty slick.

Zombie. You’re the last man alive, facing off endless waves of undead. Limited ammo, touch controls, upgradeable weapons and screeching sound effects make this addictive undead-killing fun.

Crazy Tanks. Smooth, responsive steering controls, cool graphics and fast action are the selling points of this wacky-looking but deadly serious tank battle game.

iDracula. My latest acquisition, this run-and-shoot game has you controlling a fleet-footed Vampire Hunter as he tries to evade hordes of creatures bent on making him a meal. Controls are easy to use and fun as you control movement and aiming your weapon with separate onscreen wheels. Get weapon upgrades and work your way up against progressively faster and deadlier enemies. Great art direction, graphics, animation, sounds and gameplay make this a game I’d STAKE my reputation on. Heheh.

Most of these games are paid, with the most expensive (Force Unleashed) about 9 dollars (converted to pesos). Still, a lot of the good stuff are free, so just try before you buy, or just get the samplers. Games are getting better every week, and who knows… maybe Metal Gear Solid Touch will be awesome. I wonder, will there ever be iTekken?


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