Resident Evil 5 Hype Starting to Spread…

Chiaki, Chiaki, Chiaki…

The marketing machine for Capcom’s Resident Evil 5 seems to be going in full swing, with spots for the game with lovely Japanese actress Chiaki Kuriyama now showing on Nippon TV. BTW, Miss Kuriyama will be playing Ling Xiaoyu in the upcoming Tekken live-action movie…

Meanwhile on the other side of the equation,’s James Mielke just posted this foreboding pic on his blog…

Man, Capcom hit it right with this. No RE Fan worth his salt can resist getting this game after this intriguing bit. I can’t freakin’ wait. Just a couple more weeks…


2 Responses to “Resident Evil 5 Hype Starting to Spread…”

  1. I don’t know though. As much as I am a fan of Resident Evil, 5 just doesn’t look that amazing to me.

    Part of what was amazing to me in the first place was ‘ZOMBIEKILLZARSZ!’ and now it’s more like, “Oh! A virus .. that has infected people. They can rally and talk and yeeeah.” It’s like 28 days later except more talking zombies, less rage. Albeit, four is where the distinction really started to rise, but for some reason it was less of a detraction and after playing the demo for 5, I don’t really see myself getting the game until it’s $19.99 in about two years.

    I’m sure it’s going to be good, but I wouldn’t par it with the rest of the series. Even Umbrella Chronicles was cooler than what this appears to be after play.

    Or perhaps the demo was just a bad representation and the game will be astounding. Guess I’ll wait for the final reviews to come in on the 13th (15thish).

    • Perhaps it’s because it’s very similar to RE4. However, the game look amazing- as in, Metal Gear Solid 4 amazing, I’d go as far as saying. But it’s really the story that is intriguing me most of all.

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