Streetfighter: The Legend of Chun Li Clips

Streetfighter IV’s arrived and in players’ consoles, but the SF movie, The Legend of Chun Li, is still on the way… a movie that has not been allowed by the studio to be screened by critics… hmmm. Maybe they know something we don’t? Anyway, here are several clips from the movie to help us decide perhaps whether we’re gonna watch this or not.

Okay… Bison doesn’t do a Psycho Crusher, but when he fights there are weird sound effects, so that’s kinda cool. Chun Li kicks butt in the fights, and against some pretty ladies, which is good. I find the new portrayal of Vega pretty crappy though… mask and claw are just half of Vega, he’s also vain (for a reason) and the most balletic and insidiously deadly of the Shadaloo fighters… how come Chun kicks his ass the first time they meet? The animalistic grunting is also waaaaay off and pretty stupid sounding.

In any case, the movie looks action-packed, so I’ll probably venture a bit and say I’ll give this a shot. Maybe.


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