Musing About Tekken 6: Console Wish List

We all know that the console version of Tekken 6 is gonna be awesome, and it’s gonna come with tons of stuff out of the box. But just thinking up a list of what all those home-only goodies could or should be is great fun, so… why don’t we?

Awesome Intro. This is pretty much guaranteed. While other fighters have have their ups or downs in intro coolness (Soulcalibur IV is a recent big-name fighter with a blah intro), Tekken has a long tradition of progressively more awesome and lavish opening movies that are indicative of the current level of graphical awesomeness. Tekken 6’s intro will most probably be pre-rendered CG. On top of what we’ve already seen in the arcade versions- the intros of T6.0’s four new fighters, Jin and the Tekken Force, Jin vs Kazuya- there’s gonna be tons of all-new, never-before-seen stuff. We’ve seen a bit like that snippet of Asuka and Lili… that’s just the tip of the intro iceberg.
I’m expecting the whole thing to be leaked to us fans a month or even earlier before release.

Meaty Story Mode. I have to say that the storyline and what happens to our Tekken heroes and villains is what drives my obsession for the home versions. This is unique to the consoles, and it’s gonna be what makes most of us play the game at least 40 times. The safe bet is that Tekken 6’s Story Mode will follow that from the previous game- Prologue, in-game cutscenes with a rival and then with the Bonus Boss Nancy, Sub-Boss Jin and then finally, Azazel the Big Bad Itself. Our reward for our labors, a cool CG ending.
I’d actually prefer a real-time in-game ending though, for the opportunity to see my customized fighter take the win in his/her pink wardrobe, but this will probably just be used for the interludes and cutscenes. Some endings will be cool. Some will be so-so. Some will be silly. Some may make us cry. Some will probably be WTF Did-I-Just-See-That-Crazy-Awesome. It’ll be a treat seeing each one though- I’m still enjoying Tekken 5’s endings today!

Home Modes All Present and Accounted For. Along with Story mode, we’re expecting robust VS, Practice, Team Battle, Time Attack and Survival modes filling up the disc with options aplenty. No-brainer, you’d think, but many games make the mistake of just leaving stuff out.

Battle Record or Screengrabbing. Replays and record modes would be appreciated, so we can study frame by frame our best fights to find out the best combo possibilities or even just the freakin’ color of Lili’s panties and share it all on Youtube. Hey, whatever floats your boat. This could be part of the Practice mode (kinda like in SCIV) or a separate mode all by itself, like Battle Theater in SCIII or DOA Ultimate.

Even MORE Customizations. What can I say? Customization ROCKS HARD- it’s the hottest trend in fighting games today, and you’d have to be stupid or a SFIV producer to not see that. There’s nothing as awesome as being able to take stock game characters and make him/her your own. More than a few players value how their main fighter looks more than their win/loss records or rankings. We’re expecting all the cool customs from the arcade versions to make it into the consoles, along with some cool, ‘too-hot-for-public’ stuff. I’ll leave it to your imaginations what kind of stuff those can be…

Playable Bosses. Okay, I’ll throw this in. Past home ports have usually allowed us to take control of the overpowered, obnoxious Big Bads, and most probably Tekken 6 won’t be an exception… even if playing as the oversized Azazel or Nancy probably won’t be too much fun. But why not? And it would be utterly crazy and awesome if they actually had their own Story mode endings…

Minigames. Over and aside from the ‘major new console mode’ we’ve already talked about, how about some little diversions for some laughs? We’ve already seen Tekken Ball and Tekken Bowl… how about Tekken Tennis? You can already dress up Lili like Jennifer Capriati anyway. Or the secretly-desired Tekken Xtreme Beach Volleyball?

Easter Eggs. Well, we want ’em… it’s just a matter of finding them. Is that Forrest Law in the truck at Rustic Asia? Done that. Who’s that sneaking in the background of the underground garage stage? What’s that yellow thingie on the floor in the Hidden Retreat? Wouldn’t it be awesome to discover some of these little secrets, as you pour over every screen in the comfort of your room? You’ll be the envy of all your friends! NO, really!

Odds and Ends. Hopefully there will be little details as well that make the game all that much more enjoyable… they’re not necessary or that important, but they’re nice. Like a freakin’ Clean Pause. Or a sound and music test. Or a Big Head Mode.

Additional Characters. This may piss off some, make others cheer. Additional characters may be supposedly long-gone fighters returned in some way- Kunimitsu? Jun Kazama? Aeris Gainsborough? Even if they’re just customs or skins, their fans would probably shed happy tears if they actually returned.
Another possibility is the inclusion of characters from other universes or galaxies far, far away. NOPE, NO Star Wars characters will be making it into Tekken 6, but who knows who can? The thing is, exclusive Guest Characters mean money, and it’s all about money. Man, talking about Guest Characters can take up it’s own topic, so let’s leave this at this… it can happen. Though I personally hope it doesn’t.

So many things, so many possibilities! I could go on and on, but I’ll stop for now. Suffice to say, it’s still quite some time before we lay our sweaty hands on the console versions, so let’s use this time to let the Tekken Team know what we want. ‘Cause you know they’re watching… right, Harada-san? Right…? Bikinis, please?


2 Responses to “Musing About Tekken 6: Console Wish List”

  1. Excellent post, as always. These ideas seem brilliant. It would be awesome if they include all these features and more.

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