Tekken 6 Console Pics

Mid-air ballet ala Tekken 6.

Every little bit of Tekken 6 news is something we gamers should savour like truffles, and here’s a nice little specimen to enjoy. Namco-Bandai released 16 new screenshots from the upcoming console versions, and they look pretty slick, with a nice range of characters engaging in full contact body-mangling. As expected, the character models are pretty lavish, down to contorted facial expressions and detailed costumes. Now, next-gen hi-res character models are expected, but really, the best way to see this game is in motion. The finished game should look divine on good, big HD screens.

From this point, it’s all about console developments now on the Tekken front, and I’m looking forward to the coolness that’s to come from Harada-san and company as we await their baby come Fall.

Oh, check out Gamespot, IGN or Kotaku for the new screens.


One Response to “Tekken 6 Console Pics”

  1. Noo! Why does Hwoarang have to be belted by Wang? Why? Why?

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