Latest Resident Evil 5 Trailer is Epic

Capcom’s on a bit of a roll here in early 2009. With Streetfighter IV just released, in a few weeks we’ll be seeing the latest entry into the flagship survival-horror series. This new trailer is a lot heavier in plot elements, and shows off the various villains Chris and Sheva will be encountering, such as Excella Gionne and Ozwell E. Spencer, the almost-legendary founder of Umbrella.

What can I say? The graphics look amazing, and it looks like this game is gonna rival last year’s MGS4 in cinematic flair. There also seems to be no shortage of drama, with quite a bit of mystery and intrigue concerning past characters in the series aside from Chris Redfield being involved in the current crisis in Kijuju. So check out the trailer and let the speculations begin.

Resident Evil 5 is due out this March.


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