Tekken 6BR: Alisa Awesomeness

Okay, you’ve seen Alisa Bosconovitch and said, she looks kinda cute. But she doesn’t look much like a Killer Robot, does she? Well, that’s cause her best stuff has to be earned. Here’s a look at Alisa all done up with her ‘Battle’ stuff (Battle Legs, Battle Torso, Battle Arms… stuff). So she can look less like a drunk Can-Can Dancer and more like someone who stepped off the set of Bubblegum Crisis.

Alisa’s looking slick.

Other cool things about Alisa is how FREAKY her intros and win poses can be. At least one of her intros can be tweaked to have her carrying her own HEAD under her arm, and yes, she still says her opening line from down there. It’s pretty cool. The headless bit also extends to her win poses.


In one pose, she does her usual ‘bend over to the side’ pose, but this time her head falls off. Freakin’ crazy cool. And hilarious as heck. The devs must have been drinking at some sushi joint when they thought about this. Heh.

Overall, Alisa’s pretty awesome, and I think they did a good job adding her into the roster and making her one of the more unique challengers to come so far. Makes you think of what the heck they can do in the next few Tekkens…


2 Responses to “Tekken 6BR: Alisa Awesomeness”

  1. Loving her customizations so far!

  2. Here’s a nice little tidbit that some players may have missed- you don’t need to buy Alisa a ‘bare hands’ or ‘barefoot’ customization… they’re included with her by default. Just look into the Item Box and they’re there… more robo-babe skin exposure with just two clicks! Heheh… On the other side, Lars also comes free with ‘Bare Hands’ and ‘No Shirt’, I think… Meh.

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