Streetfighter IV On Route!

UPDATE: Well, my game is here. The Asian copy I got comes with a DVD which has the SF anime movie ‘The Ties that Bind’ and more SFIV trailers than I’d really care to watch. I’ll probably watch the movie first before I pop in the game disc, so I can get into a Streetfighting mood first. Review and thoughts to come later.

According to Play-Asia, my copy of Streetfighter IV, which was supposedly delayed until the 17th, is on the way. According to the tracking system, my copy should arrive sometime tomorrow afternoon… what a nice Valentine’s Day gift! Heheh. I guess I’ll be playing with the World Warriors over the weekend then. My gripes with SFIV’s DLC aside, this is pretty cool. Finally a new fighter to chew on as I wait for Tekken 6…


3 Responses to “Streetfighter IV On Route!”

  1. You really like SF that much? I don’t know, the SF has never appealed to me that much. I bought SSF2THDR from the PSN store and I’m now convinced I wont be getting SFIV. I may be wrong but I don’t know whether I should get it or not!

  2. As a longtime fighting game fan, I simply can’t help but love the SF series in general, though my favorite games are the SF3 series. I’ve got a lot of complaints with SFIV, but I’m supporting it to help the series continue and hopefully improve with further installments. In any case, I didn’t get SSF2THDR so that’s fine. ^_^

  3. The main reason why I don’t like the SF series is due to the gameplay mechanics, it’s not like Tekken or Virtua Fighter, it’s not fluid nor realistic, nor are there the combos that you can pull off in Tekken. So I think I just may rent it instead and see how it goes.

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