Soulcalibur IV: More than 2 Million ‘Souled’

According to a recent post by Kotaku, Namco-Bandai just posted the figures of their latest earnings. As a whole, the company earned about 100 million dollars (no small amount) which, in the current economic crisis, should be a cause for quiet fist pumping. Of their stable of games, which includes stuff like the Dragonball games and Super Robot Wars, Soulcalibur IV is apparently their top seller, moving 2.26 million copies since it’s release.

I hope this means that Project Soul should be working on the next installment eventually. Which is great since I really want to know where that stoopid Kilik took Xianghua off to…


One Response to “Soulcalibur IV: More than 2 Million ‘Souled’”

  1. I’m still getting into SCIV. Got it when it first came out but now I’m starting to play it more. Darn you T5DRO/COD5!

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