Tekken 6BR on the cover of Enterbrain Mook Vol. 12

UPDATE: Okay! This new mook is filled up with the hot arcade games in Japan. The Tekken 6BR section has some new stuff- gameplay related info and combos for each character. Nothing on customs, once again. The DVD has vids from various games, and the BR section has about 4 or 5 matches with Lars, Alisa, Devil Jin, Leo, Bob and Roger Jr. While it gives me a great look at the game in hi-res, the characters are all stock with no customs (bah). Still quite nice anyway, and I think this was worth the purchase. Oh, and the Arcana Heart 2 videos were cool too!

Okay, print-lover that I am, I immediately went and bought this new Enterbrain Arcadia Mook Vol. 12 off Amazon of Japan when I saw it. It’s got some kinda-iffy Tekken 6 BR art on the cover, and my rudimentary understanding of language tells me that an included DVD will have at least some stuff on BR in it. As it’s not really a Tekken 6BR mook, with my luck, this will probably have more of the same BR technique pages like in the last issue of Arcadia Magazine I bought, and have the new trailer of BR in the DVD, and nothing else. Bah. Well, crossing fingers that there’s a wee bit more than that. The copy arrived at my place earlier this afternoon via FedEx (somehow they’re still delivering, I guess), so I’ll be seeing it later when I get home. Update when I get my hands on it, I guess.


3 Responses to “Tekken 6BR on the cover of Enterbrain Mook Vol. 12”

  1. Would you, by any chance, be able to upload those videos somehow? Or scan the pictures? Thanks!

  2. Unfortunately, I can’t do that as Enterbrain has a nasty habit of throwing cease-and-desist orders at sites that post their stuff. The videos are, in any case, nothing to write home about. You’re better off watching vids on Youtube from Geesendou Joybox or Feichunwong’s HKTekken channels.

  3. I see, what’s the quality though, since that’s what I’m interested in mainly. Or if you can, I didn’t mean stream the videos, just upload it onto a site such as FileFront, then you can just email me the links. 😀

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